About Us


Back to my roots....

The Varlese family has been in the gardening business selling foliage and blooms to wholesale and retail customers since 1970.  From indoor tropicals to outdoor trees and flowers, seasonal plants and specialized varietals - they have it all, can find it all and can grow it all.

Michelle on the other hand? She attributes her green thumb to being able to replace things quickly which is why container planting has always been her thing.  It can change seasonally, has immediate impact and can be as elaborate or simple as your mood suits.


Yearn to Urn

At Yearn to Urn we create custom seasonal containers to suit your style. From readymade containers that drop into your existing planter to onsite installation, let Yearn to Urn add whimsy, colour, character and life to your entrance and outdoor décor.

Working with your colour and style preferences and using only the best tropical & flowering plants and foliage, we will set the mood, set the stage for your home, office or special event. .


Meet Michelle

Michelle's flair for all things creative and beautiful stems from her love of nature.  Michelle is easy going, creative and knowledgeable, and when she's not brainstorming with a client, or helping keen DIY'ers, she is outside elbow-deep in dirt dreaming up her next project. She has a knack for everything décor and it is her gift to create what most cannot even imagine.

Those that have worked with Michelle would agree that her ability to beautify a space, entrance or tabletop is simply something beyond measure. Her fondness of beauty and her yearn for creating beautiful arrangements is reflected in each unique and individualized piece she creates.