How much does it cost?

 There are many factors to consider when pricing a project: materials, size, contents, quantity, vessel etc. That is why we begin with a conversation about what you’re looking for. 

My store front/foyer is crying out for character. Do you only do residential?

 Yearn to Urn serves both residential and commercial clients. We can schedule your seasonal installations to ensure you’re on point, on season and on trend.

Do you use live or artificial plants and foliage?

That depends, what would you like? Although we prefer to use live plants and foliage, that’s not everyone’s preference. We will work together to create the look you want to achieve.

What areas do you work within?

While we are Hamilton based, we have travelled as far as Newcastle, Kitchener, Niagara and even into the USA for installations and classes. It all begins with a discussion.