Yearn to Urn

Our Approach


 We believe your decor should be as unique as you are which is why we create original planters, centrepieces and decorative accents to reflect just that. 

Whether we are repurposing or upcycling your existing decorations or sourcing something new and on trend, you’re guaranteed a one of a kind creation.

If you are looking for a seasonal splash of colour or eye catching décor for a special occasion or event, it all begins with a conversation. We’ll determine what you’re looking for, where and when and within what budget.

Make and Take Workshops


The great thing about container planting is that you can change it up on a whim. Tastes change, seasons change, themes change. 

Planters allow us to easily make a seasonal or festive statement but buying mass produced planters from big box retailers can be costly. 

Yearn to Urn's Make and Take Workshops are guided step by step classes.  We will teach you the basics, offer direction if you're feeling stuck but this one of a kind creation is all about you!

Creation Station


Need inspiration? Take a wander through the Gallery. 

Need ideas? Send us a message. 

Need it taken care of? Give us a shout.


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